Visible security measures may protect your premises from crime

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Avoiding a negligent security incident is critical for any property owner. Premises such as hotels, apartment complexes, office buildings and parking ramps must get regular attention to ensure the safety of anyone who sets foot on or in them.

This is why it is important to make security matters so visible. The physical appearance of things such as cameras and security staff may prevent crimes from occurring. As a result, the public likely will be safer and you have peace of mind in knowing that you have taken steps to avoid crimes such as violent attacks, muggings and vandalism.

Good lighting and easy-to-spot cameras

Here are some visible signs of security that any property owner should take:

  • Post security guards at entrances: People entering and exiting buildings will gain some sense of security knowing that someone is there to provide protection. Doing so also serves as a deterrent for criminals.
  • Maintain good lighting throughout the premises: This includes areas such as the hallways, stairwells, parking lots, parking ramps and common areas. Dimly lit areas or those with non-functioning lights provide the darkness predators desire.
  • Maintain a clean premises: Pick up trash outside and inside your properties. An abundance of litter and debris is a sign of a neglectful and indifferent property owner. As a result, criminals know this unkempt area likely is not monitored.
  • Remove graffiti: Spray paint on walls, pillars, sidewalks, signs and statues is usually the sign of vandalism. And, like litter, the presence of graffiti, is a sign of neglected property.
  • Install security cameras visible to anyone on your premises: These security devices do no good if people cannot see where they are. Make sure to have plenty of them strategically installed in various areas throughout the property.

Following these steps – some of which are simple – may deter criminals from targeting your property as a place for an easy offense.

Deterring criminals, protecting the public

Appearances matter in many things, including your property. Security cameras, security guards and overall tidiness show that premises get regular attention. Such visible signs likely deter predators from committing crimes on your property. Doing so also protects the public.