Could security guards really help reduce crime?

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Safety is often on the minds of many Atlanta residents and those elsewhere. In certain areas, crime can run rampant despite efforts to reduce such actions, but in other cases, enough efforts have not been put forth to reduce dangerous aspects of a neighborhood, shopping area, college campus or other space. As a result, you and many others may face the risk of suffering harm in a crime committed against you due to lack of security measures.

In some situations, an area may lack the resources or funds to implement extensive crime-reducing efforts. However, various studies have found that seemingly simple steps, like increasing lighting in an area, could considerably affect the crime rate. Another step in the right direction could include having security guards on a premises.

Do security guards really help?

To be clear, the term “security guard” does not refer to a police officer on patrol. In many cases, security guards do not have any state or federal affiliation and typically work for a private company rather than a public police force. Some people may not put much stock in the help of these guards, but that could be because few studies have truly assessed whether patrolling guards could have a useful influence in deterring crime.

Some individuals may think that if someone plans to commit a crime, a security guard on duty will do little to deter the person. However, one study in particular found that when uniformed and unarmed security guards spend just 29% more minutes patrolling a specified area in a larger public space, victim-generated crimes decreased in the entire space by 16%.

What if an area does not have proper security?

Unfortunately, many companies forego hiring security guards because they do not want to spend the extra funds or because they do not understand how helpful these guards could be in deterring crime. In such cases, you or someone you love could become the victim of an assault or robbery that results in injuries and other harm. If such an event occurs and the premises did not have adequate security, you may have reason to move forward with a legal claim.

Security guards, proper lighting, security cameras and other features could go a long way in protecting you and others from preventable crimes. If you believe harm came to you or a loved one due to negligent security, you may want to explore your legal options for seeking compensation.