Justice For Child Victims

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Make Atlanta Safe |

“A disturbing report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution indicates that “an assistant football coach at Jonesboro High School has been arrested on multiple charges, including rape and child molestation.”

Preditors typically display a pattern of behavior, and it is rare that an abuse event such as the one alleged at Jonesboro High School can occur without warning signs.

Attorney Bradley Pratt of Pratt Clay LLC has represented children and their families in cases against schools that failed to identify predators. Bradley says, “Teachers and administrators must be trained to recognize the red flags, and they must have the resolve to act quickly to protect the children they serve. When a tragedy like this strikes, we often find that ignored or covered up reports suspicious behavior, and children’s voices were ignored.”

Families of children who have suffered abuse can fight back. If we can demonstrate that a school failed to act on credible reports or indicators of abuse, the school could be held liable for damages in the criminal justice system. School administrators and teachers are responsible for creating an environment that protects kids, not predators, and when they fail, it is up to the families of victims to stand up for justice and to demand meaningful change.