Whistleblower claim leads to $3 million settlement

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2022 | Whistleblowers |

Upon encountering unlawful activity in the workplace, the average person might not know how best to respond to the situation, or even be afraid to bring such behavior to light. While there are laws in place to protect individuals in Georgia who file complaints under the False Claims Act, preparing to take such measures can still be an intimidating process. Recent reports indicate that a whistleblower claim regarding fraudulent activity at a surgical institution has led to a settlement of $3 million.

The claim

According to reports, the incident began when a physician with the surgical company encountered evidence of fraudulent activity at the establishment. Reports indicate that he uncovered information indicating that the company was culpable of unlawful activity such as ordering unnecessary tests for certain patients and charging the tests to federally funded insurance programs. Officials also advised that prior to filing the complaint, the doctor decided to quit his job out of fear that his actions might lead to some form of retaliation.

The claim asserts that doctors who worked at the facility were told to order unnecessary tests on every patient above the age of 12. The kickback scheme is said to have led to millions of dollars in unlawful gain for the establishment. Several years after the whistleblower claim was filed and an investigation was initiated, reports indicate that the surgical facility has agreed to pay a settlement of $3 million.

Protecting one’s interests

Individuals in Georgia who encounter unlawful activity at work and wish to take action to protect against such behavior could benefit from seeking legal counsel for guidance in filing a whistleblower claim. An attorney can help protect a client’s legal rights and provide him or her with advice on what to expect from the process. Such guidance could prove integral to helping a person better prepare to shed a light on unlawful activity via a whistleblower claim and prepare to seek any compensation available for doing his or her part to protect against such behavior.