Gather evidence to be ready for insurance problems

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If you lose a loved one in a fatal truck accident in Georgia, the hours, days, weeks and months that follow the incident may be long and arduous, to say the least. There is severe emotional trauma involved in the sudden loss of a family member after a collision. You might also encounter stressful issues regarding an insurance claim, which would merely intensify emotional stress.  

Extended family members and friends would no doubt provide loving support to you in the wake of a fatal truck accident, especially as you lay your loved one to rest and address the legal claims associated with the collision. A trusted friend or family member can also help gather evidence that may be helpful if an insurance agency tries to minimize its liability.  

Document events in writing in as much detail as possible 

It’s always best to write down as much as you know about the events leading up to and following a fatal truck collision. Did a truck driver fall asleep at the wheel? Was there evidence of drug or alcohol impairment? It’s wise to document everything you learn after speaking with police at the scene or witnesses who saw what happened. 

Due to emotional trauma or other issues, your memory of the incident may become clouded, which is why it’s a good idea to document details while they are still fresh in your mind. 

Gathering information at the scene of a collision 

Gathering information at a fatal truck accident scene can help a grieving family achieve closure, as well as document evidence that they may need later on down the line. In addition to the other driver’s contact information, it’s important to document vehicle information as well, including a license plate number and color and make of the vehicle. It’s also wise to note the exact location that collision impact took place, as well as where each vehicle came to a halt.  

Taking photographs is helpful for collection and preservation of evidence following a fatal truck accident. Not only do you want pictures of your loved one’s vehicle but the other person’s vehicle, as well. If damage occurred to any stationary objects nearby, you can photograph that, too. Your photographs should help the person viewing them understand the physical damage that resulted from the crash. This might include photos of the exterior and interior of all vehicles involved, as well as surrounding areas.  

If the other driver’s insurance company tries to minimize or deny a claim 

It’s good to have as much evidence on hand as possible when filing an insurance claim against another driver on behalf of a deceased loved one, especially if the other driver’s negligence was a direct cause of your family member’s death. It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to try to minimize its liability or deny a claim altogether. If this happens, you can reach out for additional support to help you resolve these legal issues.