Commercial vehicles and the hazards of excessive speeding

On Behalf of | May 28, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

With demanding schedules that may lead to long stints on the road each day, many truck drivers may feel under pressure to complete tasks in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, such issues may only increase the chances truck drivers in Georgia might feel inclined to travel at high rates of speed. Similar types of negligence play a significant role in many truck accidents, as the presence of speeding could impact a driver’s ability to safely operate a commercial vehicle in various ways. 

The inherent increases to size and weight of the average tractor-trailer can impact its maneuverability in various ways and some of the hazards involved with speeding while behind the wheel of such vehicles may include: 

  • Driver responses:  Truck drivers who travel at high rates of speed might struggle to react to certain driving scenarios in a timely manner and slow responses could create hazardous situations. 
  • Brake times:  Commercial vehicles already experience greatly increased brake times, and when combined with the presence of speeding, responding to shifts in traffic patterns could prove challenging. 
  • Navigating curves:  The presence of excessive speeding might disrupt a truck driver’s ability to safely navigate curves in the road or turns, and similar issues may only increase the risks of the unthinkable. 
  • Truck tires:  The weight of commercial vehicles places significant strain on truck tires, and issues such as speeding may only lead to an increased risk of a dangerous scenario stemming from a tire malfunction. 

Individuals who cross paths with a speeding truck driver might not always be left with sufficient time to react to a dangerous situation and a subsequent crash could place their lives in jeopardy. 

Truck accidents continue to affect the safety and lives of many individuals in Georgia. Individuals who suffer serious harm or lose a loved one due to similar forms of negligence may wish to know more about all their available options for legal recourse, but they might not know where to turn for guidance on the next steps to take. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can evaluate the accident thoroughly and help a client prepare to pursue the restitution to which he or she is entitled to receive through the proper outlets.