3 injuries that require urgent care after a collision

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You could be driving down a Georgia roadway one minute and riding the back of an ambulance the next. Any number of issues, including distracted or intoxicated drivers, place you at risk for collision when traveling by motor vehicle. In a minor incident, you might have a bruise or two and feel a little sore for several days. 

There are several injuries, however, that require urgent medical care, although you should always obtain medical attention, no matter how minor you think your injuries are at the time. A severe injury could land you in the hospital overnight or longer. When another person’s negligence was the causal factor in a collision, you shouldn’t have to bear the full financial burden associated with post-collision care. 

Always watch for symptoms of head injury after a collision 

If another vehicle hits you, you could be violently thrust up against a hard surface inside your vehicle. Head injuries range from a minor concussion to life-threatening situations, including skull fractures or bleeding in the brain. Symptoms of severe head injury aren’t always immediately noticeable after a car accident. This is why it’s so important to closely monitor your condition for days and to report any newly developing symptoms to a physician. 

Neck and back injuries can cause permanent disability 

If you’re violently shaken or thrust forward and back upon impact in a motor vehicle collision, you might suffer whiplash injuries. Approximately 90% of whiplash injuries occur when one vehicle hits another car from behind. Whiplash is a broad term referring to numerous injuries in the neck or upper body. It can lead to chronic pain conditions.  

A more severe neck injury or a back injury can place you in a life-threatening situation. If you suffer a cervical spinal cord injury or fracture your neck, your life may be hanging in the balance. If you survive this type of injury, you might be paralyzed or in need of daily living assistance for the rest of your life.  

When another driver’s negligence causes you injury 

It’s not up to you to make sure other motorists adhere to traffic laws. When you’re cautious and alert at the wheel, you reduce your chances of being involved in a collision. However, if someone runs a red light or gets behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol, you might not even have time to safely react to avoid a crash if his or her vehicle veers into your lane.  

Recovering from a motor vehicle collision can take days, weeks or longer. Georgia law provides recourse to recovering accident victims by allowing them to file personal injury claims against those deemed responsible for their injuries. Restitution is typically provided through compensation, which can be used to help offset expenses associated with the accident.