5 premises hazards that can cause you injury

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When you step onto another person’s property in Georgia, whether it’s for work or pleasure, the property owner is obligated to take reasonable precautions for safety’s sake. You might visit private property, such as someone’s home or place of business. You might also visit public property, such as a university or public parking lot. In any case, the property owner is obligated to remove or inform you of any known hazards on the premises that might cause you to suffer injuries.

Some premises hazards are less noticeable than others. For instance, if you’re staying at a hotel, and the door doesn’t lock properly, you may not be aware of the safety hazard. If someone breaks in and causes you harm, the property owner might be liable for damages.

Things that often make a premises unsafe

Whether you’re indoors or outside, property owners must fulfill their obligation to keep their premises safe. The following list includes five hazards that often create a safety risk:

  • Floor hazards: Unattended spills, uneven flooring, electrical cords in walkways, loose carpeting, or clutter and debris
  • Fire hazards: Overloaded outlets or damaged third prong on a plug, no fire extinguishers or smoke alarms, use of space heaters without automatic shut-off or blocked emergency exits
  • Poor lighting: Inadequate lighting in parking garage, office building, at a nighttime festival, in an apartment complex, etc.
  • Lack of security: No security guards in locations open to the public
  • Stairway hazards: Uneven stairs, broken stairs, broken handrail, lack of handrail, etc.

There are many other issues that could pose a safety hazard to you when you are visiting or working on another person’s property. If the property owner has failed to take reasonable precautions to help you avoid safety hazards, he or she may be liable if you suffer injuries or damages on the property.

Premises liabilities for dog bites, physical assault or swimming pool accidents

If you suffer injuries from a dog attack or a person assaults you, the person who owns the property you were on at the time may be liable. This is also true regarding swimming pool accidents. If someone invites you to swim in their pool, he or she must ensure safety by taking any and all reasonable precautions necessary to avoid injury.

Severe injuries can have long-term effects

If you suffer a severe burn, there might be permanent disfiguration on the face or other parts of your body. Surviving a gun shot or attack involving another weapon could cause life-threatening injuries or paralysis, brain injury, etc. If your child drowns in a swimming pool accident, the devastating effects of the incident will be with you for life.

When severe damages have occurred because of a property owner’s negligence, there is no reason you should have to bear financial distress in the aftermath of the incident due to medical bills, lost wages or other accident-related expenses. Many Georgia residents who have suffered injuries due to premises hazards have sought restitution in court by filing premises liability claims against the property owners deemed responsible for damages.