How businesses can deter crimes in their outdoor spaces

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Some crimes occur inside a business’s main building. For example, a robbery attempt will likely happen right at the gas station’s register, and someone trying to drug another patron at a bar would drop something in their drink possibly only a few feet away from the professional who prepared the beverage.

However, there are also many crimes that occur directly outside of business facilities. Parking lots, parking garages and alleys between buildings are some of the highest-risk points around businesses. The area outside a back entrance can also be a point where opportunistic criminals will try to catch someone off guard.

Businesses have a duty to deter crime

Many businesses realize that they need to secure their facilities by limiting who accesses their building or installing security cameras to deter criminal activity and prosecute those who victimize their patrons or employees. It is unfortunately common for businesses to commit significant oversights when securing the external portion of their facilities. Negligent outdoor security can lead to muggings, assaults and other criminal activity which may in turn cause liability for the business.

Dark, unmonitored spaces are attractive to criminals. Especially when a business brings in a lot of foot traffic or is close to places where people gather, criminals may target its outdoor spaces. Businesses can reasonably predict such criminal activity and could prevent a significant portion of those crimes from occurring with the right security measures.

How can businesses secure outdoor spaces?

Short of erecting massive fences and limited-access gates, a business typically cannot prevent criminal elements from ever gaining access to their parking lots or other outdoor spaces. However, the company can absolutely deter criminals from targeting their premises by investing in certain security upgrades.

Cameras aimed at high-traffic areas can give a would-be thief or assailant a moment of pause. Even lights that come on when the sun starts to set and that brightly illuminate a parking space, Allie or back entrance could stop a criminal from targeting the space. Researchers claim that outdoor lighting can decrease criminal activity by as much as 39%. Having a security professional who monitors the security cameras and who routinely patrols outdoor and interior spaces could help deter crimes.

When a company doesn’t take the necessary steps to protect visitors and members of the public from criminal activity, they may open themselves up to claims of negligent security and premises liability. Holding a business accountable for inadequate security measures can compensate you after you suffer some kind of criminal activity in public.