Our Case Results

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers Pursuing Maximum Compensation

Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers at Pratt Clay have a reputation for delivering services that are client-centered. By creating legal strategies that reflect the individual needs of each client, our personalized approach increases the chances that we will be successful. In just two years alone, our firm recovered more than $100 million in compensation! Because we do what is best for our clients, we do not shy away from taking cases to trial. In fact, our firm’s lead attorneys, Attorneys Chuck Clay and Bradley Pratt, have tried cases in 25 states across the country. Our aggressive pursuit for maximum compensation has made all the difference in the lives of our clients. If you were recently injured because of negligence, our caring law firm wishes to help you get back on your feet too.

Take a look at some of the most recent case results achieved by our skilled legal team.

    • Crane Accident Resulting in Amputation - Construction Accidents $44,000,000
    • Wrongful Death Verdict for Family of Man Shot in Night Club Parking Lot - Wrongful Death $10,000,000.00
    • Verdict for 19 year-old man killed at an apartment complex in Atlanta - Premises Liability $7,010,000.00
    • Wrongful death settlement - Wrongful Death $4,415,000.00
    • Wrongful Death Settlement from Construction Accident - Wrongful Death $4,415,000
    • Personal Injury Settlement Against Equipment Owner - Personal Injury $3,444,300
    • Premises Liability - $3,000,000 wrongful death settlement for gunshot victim - Premises Liability $3,000,000.00
    • Settlement on behalf of a foreign citizen who was robbed and shot at a mobile home park. - Premises Liability $2,900,000.00
    • Recovery from Gas Station Defendants for Injured Victim and Same Sex Spouse - Personal Injury $2,250,000
    • Disputed liability settlement for unemployed young man who was killed inside an apartment. - Wrongful Death $2,000,000.00
    • Settlement in complex product liability personal injury case - Product Liability $1,975,000
    • Premises Liability Settlement Against Commercial Shopping Center - Premises Liability $1,250,000
    • Premises Liability Settlement Against Apartment Complex for Shooting that Occurred Inside an Apartment Unit - Premises Liability $1,200,000
    • Premises Liability Settlement for Injured Victim that Was Attacked in a Parking Lot - Premises Liability $1,000,000
    • Premise Liability of High Crime Apartment Complex - Premises Liability $1,000,000.00

      Recovery for two young children whose father was shot while visiting a high-crime apartment complex.

    • Personal Injury Settlement Against Product Manufacturer - Personal Injury $1,000,000
    • Premises Liability Settlement Against Individual Defendant - Premises Liability $930,000
    • Settlement for 3 year-old who ran into roadway chasing a dog and was hit at a low speed by a tractor-trailer. - Personal Injury $900,000.00
    • Recovery for family of young man who was killed during a shootout at an apartment complex. - Personal Injury $825,000.00
    • Settlement for man who fell off a stairwell railing at a bar/restaurant. - Premises Liability $800,000.00
    • Premises Liability/Negligent Security Settlement Involving a Tenant Shooting Another Tenant in a Common Area of the Apartment Co - Premises Liability $750,000.00
    • Settlement of Disputed Liability Case Where Client/Gunshot Victim Incurred Less Than $10K in Medical Expenses - Personal Injury $645,000.00
    • Settlement for stab victim in apartment parking lot - Premises Liability $600,000.00

      Settlement for foreign client who was stabbed in a parking lot at 3 AM in route his friend’s apartment.

    • Premises Liability Settlement against Landlord for negligent security in parking lot. - Premises Liability $600,000.00
    • Settlement for Clients Injured by Commercial Truck Driver - Personal Injury $550,000
    • Settled Motor Vehicle Case Against a Municipality for its Insurance Limits - Car Accidents $500,000.00
    • Recovery for young man shot in the leg while visiting an apartment complex. - Premises Liability $400,000.00
    • Settlement For Client Who was Injured While in the Parking Lot of a Commercial Shopping Center - Premises Liability $350,000.00
    • Premises Liability Settlement for Man Injured During a Shooting at a Convenience Store - Premises Liability $335,000
    • Premises liability settlement for victim shot in nightclub parking lot - Premises Liability $250,000.00
    • Premises Liability Settlement - Premises Liability $250,000.00
    • Premises liability settlement. - Premises Liability $200,000.00
    • Shoulder Injury Due to Defective Stairs - Premises Liability $190,000.00

      $190,000 Recovery for client who sustained a shoulder injury after falling due to defective steps

    • Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement - Car Accidents $175,000.00

      $175,000 - motor vehicle accident settlement for client with preexisting injuries

    • Settlement for victim who was injured at a gas station. - Premises Liability $150,000.00
    • Premises Liability Case for a Victim who was Assaulted in the Parking Lot of a Fast Food Restaurant - Premises Liability $145,000.00
    • Settlement for client injured in slip and fall - Premises Liability $137,500
    • Premises Settlement for Injured Victim With Under $20K in Medical Expenses - Premises Liability $115,000.00
    • Recovery from Crime Victim Where Defendant Was Uninsured - Personal Injury $100,000
    • Policy limit settlement for gunshot victim. - Personal Injury $100,000.00
    • Insurance policy limits settlement for gentlemen shot during late-night argument - Personal Injury $100,000.00
    • Settlement involving motor vehicle accident where our client sustained minimal physical injuries and was cited for causing the a - Car Accidents $85,000.00
    • Policy Limits Settlement of a Motor Vehicle Accident - Car Accidents $80,000.00
    • Disputed Liability Case Resolved for Clients Who Were Exposed to Carbon Monoxide in a Rental Home - Premises Liability $65,000.00
    • Policy Limit Settlement for Car Wreck Victim That Had Soft Tissue Injuries - Car Accidents $50,000.00
    • Premises Liability Settlement for an Alleged Trespasser - Premises Liability $50,000.00