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Did Lax Maintenance and Security Make a Resident at Park at Tara Lake Apartments a Target for Assault?

A sexual assault at Park at Tara Lake apartments in Jonesboro was stopped when the victim and her roommate fought back against the man who broke into their Clayton County apartment home. Police suspect the crime was committed by a serial rapist, and if there is a sexual predator on the large, the question is this: Why did he choose to strike at Park at Tara Lake apartments?

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The truth is that predatory criminals seek out locations where it will be easier to commit their crimes and where they think they are least likely to be caught. Properties that are poorly maintained and have visible signs of neglect can become targets for criminals, and when managers and owners don’t take basic, reasonable steps to secure their property, they can be held accountable for crimes committed there.

Many online reviews of Park at Tara Lake apartments complain of ignored maintenance requests and “trash on the ground everywhere.” A few online reviewers complained of people smoking marijuana in the breezeways. While many believe marijuana should be legal, the fact is that in Georgia, it is still considered a crime, and when management tolerates one crime on their property, it suggests that they will tolerate others.

More than one review complains of break-ins. One woman describes that the “latch on the window is broken” and that “the patio door was still missing the safety bar.”

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Atlanta attorney Chuck Clay handles negligent security cases. He says, “When property owners know about the threat of crime on their property, they are legally responsible to take reasonable steps to keep their tenants safe.”

Some people feel that it is the obligation of the individual residents to provide their own security, and there are things tenants can do to make their apartments safer. However, residents cannot take adequate precautions for their own safety when they don’t know about likely security threats. Apartment managers should notify tenants about crimes committed on or near their property. A reporter covering the sexual assault at Park at Tara Lake was surprised to discover how little tenants knew about crimes in their area.

Police can only do so much to prevent crime. Apartment owners and managers, on the other hand, can deter crimes by properly maintaining their communities, by providing basic security measures, and by informing residents of known crime risks. The civil justice system provides a way to hold property owners legally accountable when theyfail to take the basic steps required to provide a safe environment. It is up to the victims and survivors of violent crime to stand up to negligent property owners and managers in order to Make Atlanta Safe.

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