Were You Injured Due To Lack Of Security In An Atlanta Mall Or Hotel?

Property owners in Atlanta have a responsibility to provide their guests with a safe experience. After all, they are making money because you are there. If you were injured or assaulted in an Atlanta mall or hotel, speak to an attorney or one of our staff right away. It costs you nothing to find out if you have a case. In fact, because we work on a contingency fee basis, it costs you nothing for us to take your case. We are only paid if we win a settlement of a lawsuit on your behalf. Call 404-566-9460.

You Have A Reasonable Expectation To Be Safe

Hotels, motels and resorts are in the business of providing people a safe place to relax and rest their heads. Likewise, when you are shopping, especially during the holiday season, a mall or shopping center has a duty to ensure that you can safely get from your car to the store and back to your car. When this does not happen, it may be the result of negligent security, and the mall owner or their insurer can be held accountable.

When a hospitality facility fails to provide the necessary security and someone gets hurt, the facility needs to be held accountable. A lawsuit or injury claim is often the very thing that is needed to get the attention of owners and managers, and to compel them to take reasonable steps to protect guests from known threats. This can include employing or training security personnel, updating their lighting, or installing barriers or locks that keep out potential attackers.

What You Can Expect To Recover In A Claim Or Lawsuit?

Did you suffer serious injuries as a result of a crime that could have been prevented and that occurred in a hotel, motel, resort, mall or another hospitality facility? If the owner, staff or manager was negligent, you may be able to pursue damages, depending on how serious your injuries are. The more serious your injuries, the more compensation you will likely receive.

If you were injured (for example, assaulted) on the premises due to an unsafe condition (such as lack of security) that the property owner knew about but failed to take the necessary precautions or security measures to remedy it, you may have a case.

Based on the circumstances in your particular case, damages may include:

  • Medical expenses: If you had serious injuries and needed medical attention, all of these bills should be paid by the facility’s owner or insurer.
  • Lost wages: If you were out of work due to the accident or attack, the facility’s insurer needs to compensate you for this lost income.
  • Pain and suffering: If the event was traumatic and you suffer emotional stress after the event, the facility’s insurer needs to pay for your therapy and the emotional turmoil you endured.

Depending on the exact nature of the event, there may be other costs that the facility’s owner or insurer can be liable for and can, therefore, be pursued. Get the answers you need for your questions about liability.

Get The Premises Liability Guidance Your Case Needs

At Pratt Clay LLC, our experienced Atlanta premises liability attorneys will listen to your story, assess the facility’s negligence and liability, and pursue the compensation you deserve. We’ve won over $100 million for our clients over the past three years alone. We can help you, too. Call 404-566-9460 or send us an email to get started.