Parking Lots Are Notorious Places For Assault

Criminals look for places where they can get away with crimes easily. One of these places is a parking lot. Sometimes, kidnappings, robberies and sexual assaults happen in parking lots where property owners failed to implement reasonable security measures for known threats.

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Why Pursue A Civil Injury Case After An Assault?

In the United States, we have two types of legal cases: criminal and civil. A criminal case is taken on by the state, so if you were violently attacked or assaulted, and the perpetrator is found, the state will proceed with prosecuting that person. But this may not help you pay your bills and get the medical care you need.

This is where a civil case can help. In a civil case, the negligent property owner is held accountable. So, for example, if the mall owner did not install the needed lights and did not hire adequate security for the mall and parking lot, by law, you may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit against the owner or the owner’s insurance carrier. Pratt Clay LLC has an established reputation for pursuing and attaining compensation for victims.

If you were injured on the premises due to an unsafe condition, such as insufficient security or lighting, that the property owner knew about but failed to take the necessary precautions or security measures to remedy it, it’s likely you can move forward with a lawsuit. On this website, we also offer answers to other premises liability questions.

What Type Of Compensation Is Available In Premises Liability?

If you are successful in your case, you may receive compensation to cover a variety of costs. These can include:

  • Money to pay for any doctor, hospital or medical care you needed
  • Money to pay for any lost income you had, due to being out of work
  • Money to pay for your emotional pain and suffering

Depending on the details of your case, you may be eligible to pursue other damages, especially in situations where the owner was not only negligent but was also egregious in this negligence. This is true for mall parking lots as well as other areas such as resorts and hotels.

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