Make Atlanta Safe With Pratt Clay LLC

Working To Reduce Violent Crime In Atlanta One Community At A Time

Atlanta has a violent crime problem. Law enforcement can respond to violent crimes, but they cannot prevent all violent crimes from happening in the first place. Law enforcement agencies certainly cannot compensate victims of violent crime for their pain, their suffering, and their loss.

Property owners and managers, however, do have the ability to help prevent violent crimes, and in some cases, property owners can be held liable for violent crimes that occur on their premises when they fail to take reasonable precautions to protect residents and guests from known risks.

Established legal precedents in premises liability and negligent security law provide a path for victims of preventable crimes to pursue justice in the civil courts. The negligent security attorneys at Pratt Clay are known for their successful efforts to get justice for victims of violent crimes.

“It’s very gratifying to help crime victims get a recovery,” says founding partner Chuck Clay, “but it’s just as important that we hold property owners accountable for the security of their residents and guests. As property owners are held accountable, they start improving security, either by choice or because their insurance companies demand it in order to keep insuring them.” It is well established, Chuck says, that functioning access controls (like gates), combined with proper lighting and trained security personnel can make a community less attractive to violent criminals. “Bad guys look for dark places, where there is poor security, and where they can escape quickly. When property owners allow these conditions to exist, they’re opening the door for a crime of opportunity.”

At the very least, property owners should be aware of any crime that occurs on their property, but all-too-often, they are willfully ignorant. All property owners have to do is submit an open records request with their local law enforcement office and they can discover all the incidents that have occurred on their property. Once they know what the risks are, they can take specific measures to protect residents and provide meaningful warnings

Pratt Clay’s Make Atlanta Safe campaign is designed to raise awareness about the steps property owners can take to provide a safer environment for their tenants. When property owners fail to recognize the risk of crime in their communities, the negligent security attorneys at Pratt Clay will use the law to compel property owners to make their communities safer.

“If we can motivate property owners to understand the risks present at their properties and take steps to protect their residents and guests from those risks, then bad guys will start running out of good places to conduct criminal acts,” says attorney Chuck Clay. “In that way, we’ll be able to help make Atlanta safe, one community at a time.”